Friday, May 23, 2014

Best Makeup Foundation 2014

This time I will teach you how to choose and apply the perfect makeup foundation. Let me assure you something, you do not need expensive surgeries to cover those imperfections that we all have and we all want to make disappear. I will give you my secret to accomplish that task without emptying your pockets.

Like we all know, everything starts with the correct and perfect makeup foundation. In a prior article on makeup in general, I talked briefly about makeup foundation and its importance. Now, let me elaborate. Makeup foundation is an amazing secret that makes our skin look naturally flawless, smooth and with a healthy glow. The tone of your makeup foundation completely depends on your skin, and when you have a good regime of maintenance, reparation and prevention system (skin care regimen and the subject of another of my informative articles) you will notice that foundation is not as necessary which means that you can go straight to a light dusting of powder. Until we get you there though, there are many types of makeup foundations, and is important to choose the one that best adapt to your skin tone and skin type so its looks natural. Also there are foundations that have luminescence with is light reflecting qualities creating a glowing, refine look; creating a more youthful look. When you choose the correct and perfect makeup foundation I guarantee your makeup will stay on longer and look its best.

Technology has given us many forms of foundations with multiple consistencies such as stick, liquid, crème, tinted moisturizer, tinted face balm, moisturizer compact, mineral powder and mousse. The stick form is neatly packed crème foundation and concealer in one, best for normal to dry skin. Liquid form is the most popular, and it can be formulated to different types of skin. Crème form is smooth and creamy, specifically formulated for dry to normal complexions. Mousse form is actually a crème foundation that comes in a jar and is of whipped consistency. It is perfect for mature skin because it does not accumulate in fine lines, and instead of sitting on your skin it tends to sink in to it giving you skin a natural appearance instead of the cakey look. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for summer time because is very light and gives sheer light weight coverage. Tinted face balm gives skin a dewy finish and is formulated for extra dry skin because it adds hydration to the skin. Moisturizing compact provide medium to full coverage for dry to extra dry skins. Mineral powder is best for oily to very oily skin and there is a warning: oily skin tends to change the shade of the powder.

Now it is time to choose the right shade. The most important aspect at the time to choose a shade is that it has to blend well into your skin, for nobody wants a cakey look. Choose a makeup foundation that is yellow base, as just about 1% of people is pink base (basically people that get sunburn even in the shade). Makeup foundation should only even out your skin tone; therefore, you should try many shades or ask a person that knows about makeup to help you choose the correct one. Many companies have shades cards that will give you an idea of your shade. Is very important for the perfect makeup to have an even skin tone, and that is why I recommend to double check the shade of your makeup foundation on your forehead, for many women tend to have darker skin around that area. I also suggest choosing a shade during the day, because it helps you to select one that better blends with your skin. Never try makeup foundation on the arms or other areas, as your face is rarely the same color of the rest of your body. Some skins get darker during the summer or when on vacation as a natural response to sun exposure. Keep a darker shade on hand so you can blend it when you are between shades or use it alone when your skin gets darker.

Before applying your foundation use a good primer and concealer to cover imperfections like red spots or blemishes. Begin applying the foundation on the nose using a small amount; blend it upward toward the hairline. You can apply it all over, or just where you need it and press it to your face with your fingers to fully blend.

Times have change and there are foundations made for those with combination skin. These new foundations are made with silica beads that soak up oil and lecithin that hydrates skin. Moisturizers and oil control lotions can be applied on the skin before you apply your make up. There are primers and concealer that will help you to create the perfect skin tone and will help you minimize dilated pores. Also there are primers to give more light to tired eyes, to cover marks on skin and blemish skin.

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